Monday, July 11, 2005

My Friend Dimitri

More cutting this weekend. I am getting more ideas for the film as I work on it. Mainly in the images I want for the montage sequences. I had some Shostakovich ( Dimitri) roaring in the background as I edited. It put me in a mood. I tried to imagine I was Dziga Vertov making " Man With A Movie Camera", working in some dark freezing basement hellhole in Russia in the Twenties. Those were the days. I'm feeling all Utopian Socialist now.
I also did some more music with piano, e-bow guitar and bass with some soft cymbals in the background. I love the guitar, but man do I have mental issues playing it. Maybe someday I will figure out what do with it. I tend to play to many notes with too little meaning behind each one. Empty notes I call them. I need private funding to explore this aesthetic dilemma in detail.

The modern day composer refuses to die!
Edgar Varese


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