Friday, February 25, 2005

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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Recording in Reverse

More backwards taping in the studio. It is always amazing to me what happens when I flip the reels. I dumped 14 minutes of reversed guitar on track 1, and improvised over it on 3. Then I did bass and tone generator overdubs on 2 and 4. I have almost an "album" worth of material now. I rearranged the studio again, I finally found a place for the piano. It was making me angry taking up so much space. Scott is still interested in the website idea, so we shall see if it comes to pass. I would like to see it happen, I like the idea of putting the music out to anyone who wants it. For free of course... I got a day job.

The modern day composer refuses to die!
Edgar Varese

Thursday, February 03, 2005


I had a good weekend in the lab. I overdubbed some bass and organ over Scott's improv, and also came up with a decent spaced out piece on my own on Monday morning. Sometimes I worry about the validity of what I am doing because of the "lack" of a more formal structure. The problem is that when I attempt to "compose'' I end up making a boring mess that is only suitable for the erase head. I wish I could spend a solid month in the lab, I would like to see what could happen in a good period of uninterrupted time.
I got my reel to reel back up, I also have been playing with my music software, so if the weekend would just arrive.
Rules! They stand in the middle of the path that leads to beauty!