Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The Outcast

Thats me. After being tortured by my PC's mysterious ailment this weekend I have relieved it from its role as creative partner. Computers suck, ( the crowd reacts with horror at the blasphemy...) There I said it. Tape is good, Digital is the work of creativity hating demonic time suckers. I did three improvs with guitar and bass on the reel to reel yesterday and mixed down to cassette. Anybody with a cassette deck is welcome to check them out.
I got some film (8mm) back from the lab. They were right, they pretty much ruined it. There was enough left on the film to see a little bit though. It was pretty cool. They sent me 2 rolls of film to make up, so I will be shooting them as soon as I can. It was a lift for me to record something decent yesterday, I have been in a slump. My signifigant other says its because I have been trying to play like other people. I hate it when she is right. Its the computers fault.



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